Heading for "Africa" 8703km

"A ministory" towards the southmost part of Europe and further. About a voyage into the atmosphere of Big Cities and deeper, as far as the peaceful towns and fishing villages of Portugal and Spain. Thousands of kilometers while surrounded by mountains, ocean, sea and sandy beaches. In the delight of the beautiful architecture of space and landscapes. Encountered faces and millions of words and in them openness, sociability and willingness to help. Moments of reflection and thoughts about the very moment ... The simplicity of life, or maybe the prose of life .. in other words, 28 days on the go.


South western France. The place and the region known for the production of wine, excellent recipes considered to be the best in the world. Known for its prestigious vineyards.


The atmosphere of the "seven streets" district, the flavours of the Basque Tapas and the "Bilbao effect".


The city of six bridges, of night life among colorful houses and cobbled streets, ubiquitous azulejos and wine cellars.


Sunrises and sunsets, steep streets, tapping yellow wagons, pudding cupcakes and the state of 'Saudade'.


Its atmosphere of harbour, stretching mosaics of paved streets, lazy mornings over coffee in the company of the local people, evenings filled with fado music.


Phenomenal cliffs, tunnels, rock formations immersed in the ocean, countless paths with a blue ocean view, a basin of shells.


Piles of baguettes from Jamo Serrano among the permeating aroma of coffee, colorful tenement houses, streets in green oranges, a city buzz among "Seville mushrooms".


Monuments in the shade of stretching lines of palms, subtropical vegetation of parks, paradise food and the aroma of grilled seafood, sunny beaches for miles and miles on end and the never ending view of ships entering into the port's embrace.


Windy views of Africa in the company of macaques, a substitute of the British climate, fortifications, a drive along the airport runway. Atmospheric lense miracle over the mountain top.


Wide built -in avenues, fashionable boutiques, lively squares, queues of lottery lovers. The capital of cafes, pubs and street artists, encountered Don Quixote.


Architectural avant -garde, phenomenal dry garden and recreation trough, churros with chocolate sauce, corrida fans' haven.


Catalonia, boules and parks filled with greenery, Gaudi, artists and weirdos, cafes, little streets, Gothic nooks and crannies. Wide beaches,the promenade, yachts.




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