A sunny journeyto the city on water 4570km

A 'mini story' towards the hot alpine views and the Adriatic climate. About travelling to sunny places in France and Italy along the roads full of speeding weekend tourists and trucks. Scenic vine plantations of vast green fields, rocky walls of emerging mountains and tracts of large waters ... My 13 days on a mini trip.


A city break, a peaceful town with a soul, easygoing and frivolous, surrounded by lakes and rivers with a panorama of alpine atmoshpere, picturesque streets, the world of banks, elegant boutiques and luxurious premises, red national flags over head, price craze.


All in one place: sea, mountains, beaches, harbour, Mediterranean climate. An old port filled with white boats surrounded by townhouses,a fortress from the novel the Count of Monte Christo, excellent Marseille soaps, traditional croissants, beautiful and ubiquitous graffiti, French street markets with fruit, vegetables and fish, narrow streets, steps decorated with pots of greenery, phenomenal architecture and places of cultural interest, an array of emotions of modernism.


A mini state, characteristic and densy set buildings of the city over the azure water, luxurious hotels, beautiful greenery. Historical Formula 1 races and casinos, Hercules's port with its fancy yachts.


People, atmosphere and the world capital of fashion and design, historical squares, temples, museums ... Tall green buildings and skyscrapers, the last supper, the moment of "Pausa Pranzo" and the buzz of its residents, the capital of Aperitivo, BYmyCAR Milano, daily Caffe Latte.


A city on water, a floating city of a million piles. Footbridges and bridges, townhouses with a recorded history, water routes for trams, motorboats and gondolas, narrow streets and a river of people, moments in scorching sun, a bridge of an unhappy love, a city of masks and gondoliers.




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