About him

About him ... This small, agile, and at the same time truly charming car with a big heart appeared with no prior plan. Black, three -door already a little experienced. He, Mini Cooper, charmed me with its shape and a brilliant look that stole many hearts. It impresses with the details of the body and of the interior. The character and appearance connect generations, it invites both the young as well as adults. An iconic car recognizable all over the world.

The history of the Mini model is incredibly interesting, although at the same time a bit complicated ... but that's a story for another time.

There are aesthetics, emotions and exciting dynamic stylistics. Sporty minimalism.

It has a recognizable design as elements of its own identity. True individualism. Large round headlights and distinctive lamps with a flag as of Great Britain at the back.

The interior is designed so that it pleases you and makes the driving real fun. It is functional and beautiful. Elements designed like the details of the aircraft cockpit.

Mini is a car created for the city but not only ...